Lauren featured in the Growth and Resilience Network® Podcast!

An expansive, wide-ranging, important conversation. Not to mention fun!

From Steve Piscitelli:

This episode on The Growth and Resilience Network® podcast channel explores the DNA of bands—from the perspective of the women in the band. Beyond the musical talent, what is the "x" factor that keeps the bands together, making music, and connecting with their audiences. In short, what is the "It" of successful bands. And, are there gender dynamics that bands need to content with during formation, rehearsal, and performance.

Seasoned musicians and band members/leaders Lauren Fincham, Tamara Colonna, and Sarah “Mama Blue” Sanders break it down for us. Topics covered include musical collaboration, respect, gender dynamics, intentionality of purpose, self-care, respect for home-town talent, and potential stumbling blocks for cohesiveness.

Music ("T2D") by Billy Bowers©.
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new site, new light

A few months and lifetimes in the making, here's my new site that includes easy ways to find performances and music (the entire discography!), view some YouTube videos all in one spot, and watch the visual art collection grow. More to come, too! 

I hope you enjoy it, and find a soft place to land. We loved creating it. 

Concept by Visualist Design, inspired by sound and cover art for One Red Wing.